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Our latest guest roaster is Drop Coffee out of Stockholm. We have had their beans before a couple of times and they are always superb.
We have:
Carmelita (competition lot) - Bolivia
Hunkute - Ethiopia
El Sunzita (washed) - El Salvador
El Sunzita (natural) - El Salvador
Kamwnagi - Kenya
More on Drop here: https://www.dropcoffee.com/


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Food in Dundrum

As you know, we opened a new cafe on the main square in Dundrum Town Centre in Dundrum, Dublin 14 before Christmas. We have always focused on serving the best specialty coffee – with beans from The Barn Berlin (www.thebarn.de) as well as from other renowned roasters from around the world – but we now wanted to add to our food offering. All our cafes already serve killer sandwiches and super salads, including from Alchemy Juice Co (www.alchemyjuice.ie), but we wanted to add a bit more to the Harvey Nichols store. So Domini and the chefs got to work and came up with a special, dedicated menu which we hope you’ll like.


BRAT: bacon, rocket, avocado, tomato with aioli on sourdough

LA LA LAND: avocado, spiced feta, aubergine ‘bacon’, beetroot marmalade and spinach on sourdough (v)

CLASSIC: Irish smoked salmon on brown bread with rocket horseradish, creme fraiche and capers

REUBEN: pastrami with honey-mustard, caramelised onions, sauerkraut and Swiss on sourdough

CLUBBED: bacon, roast chicken, Wicklow brie, lettuce, red onion relish and mayo on sourdough


BEEFEATER: braised beef, kimchi and sriracha mayo on a brioche bun

BGC (Best Grilled Cheese): Wicklow cheddar, Wicklow brie, Durrus and Comté with red onion and spring onion on sourdough

ITALIAN JOB: roast chicken, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, rocket and mayo on a ciabatta

CHORIZO & MOZZARELLA: chorizo, mozzarella, basil pesto and rocket on a ciabatta

JOE’S  PLOUGH: roast ham, Wicklow cheddar and G’s chutney on a ciabatta

All sandwiches are served with a side of spiced cucumber pickle, classic potato salad, slaw or Asian kale.


SUPER VEG: spinach, avocado, blueberry, honey-walnuts, ginger/chilli sweet potato,

charred broccoli and sprouts in a goji berry dressing (low carb)

BEEF CRACK: rare beef, kale, Portobello mushrooms, Asian ginger/chilli/tamari, nutritional yeast and toasted quinoa (low carb)

CHICKEN CAESAR: with bacon, parmesan and sourdough

We also do various ALL-DAY BREKKIE specials which we’ll post about over next couple of days.


Team at Joe’s

Joe's new salads for Dundrum October 2017.jpg


We are delighted to have specialty coffee beans from La Cabra out of Denmark back in our coffee shops in Dublin. We have built up a great relationship with the guys from La Cabra over the years and their coffees are always so popular with our customers.

You’ll find the beans in our Arnotts shop on Liffey Street in Dublin 1 and in our shop on Montague Street in Dublin 2. They should also be in our new flagship coffee shop in Harvey Nichols in the Dundrum Town Centre over next few days as well as in our Leeson Street cafe.

We have got all four of La Cabra’s current range of fantastic coffee beans . . . all by different processing methods.

Shembati (Burundi): washed. “A tart and lively red-fruit jam for the cold months ahead.”

La Roca (Costa Rica): red honey processed. “Structured and subtle orange blossom tea.”

Altos (Costa Rica): natural. African acidity in a complex interpretation of terroir in Costa Rica The Farm.”

Jalisco (Colombia): lactic fermentation. Plum and chocolate-flavoured body with a sweet vanilla finish.”

We’ll also run the Shembati as our guest espresso from next week.

These beans are also all ‘omni’ roasts, meaning they’re good for espresso and filter too. Check out the supercool website here for more on La Cabra’s methods and philosophy.


Team at Joe’s


We are thrilled to announce that our latest guest roaster is the legendary Square Mile out of London. Recognised as one of the best speciality coffee roasters in the world, their beans really are the best and are always so popular with our customers. They are available in our speciality coffee shops in Dublin city centre on Montague Street and in Arnotts on Liffey Street in Dublin 1 as well as in our new coffee shop on Leeson Street just off Stephen’s Green.

We have three espressos and five filters in from Square Mile, including:

Red Brick (espresso; Costa Rica and Guatemala): MILK CHOCOLATE/COLA/CITRUS.

“As the crops change, so do the components of our Red Brick, highlighting harvest cycles and celebrating the seasonality of coffee. We've combined the great fruit qualities from each component and allowed the sweetness to shine. Our current seasonal blend is composed of two different lots of coffee from two different origins. It is 50% Santa Anita (Costa Rica) / 50% Huehuetenango (Guatemala).”:

El Vendabal (espresso; Costa Rica): YELLOW PLUM/HAZELNUT/CRÈME BRÛLÉE

“We're happy to welcome the El Vendabal back into our coffee line up, with this year's lot roasted for use with espresso machines and Moka pots. The coffee shows clean crisp acidity, like a ripe yellow plum, nutty notes of hazelnut and the rich goodness of crème brûlée!”

Bosques (filter; Guatemala): ORANGE/ TREACLE/ PRALINE

Another fruity coffee from our seasonal regular Bosques de San Francisco. Hailing from the Antigua region of Guatemala this lot shows a sweet, heavy, treacly body, accompanied by fresh oranges and nutty chocolate praline flavours. This will be a real crowd pleaser we're sure!

We also have the Guaracho espresso and the Ngarariga AB, Sumava Lourdes, Kayon Mountain and Juanachute filters.

If you like coffee, you will love these.


Team at Joe’s

Square Mile specialty coffee Dublin October 2017.jpg


We are delighted to have opened a new Joe’s specialty coffee shop on Leeson Street Lower in Dublin 2. It is located in the Alchemy Juice Co cafe just up from The Sugar Club and just off St Stephen’s Green in the heart of Dublin city centre.

Alchemy is still going strong but now supplies its juices, smoothies, healthy treats, soups, stews and salads to various locations around Dublin including our specialty coffee shops on Montague Street (off Harcourt Street) and in Arnotts Department Store on Liffey Street in Dublin 1.

This means the new Joe’s on Leeson Street has a great selection of Alchemy salads as well as our range of special sandwiches and our own range of salads. This is all about giving the consumer – you! – more choices in what you eat.

The new Joe’s also uses beans from The Barn Berlin as its house roaster and will have a range of guest roasts too. In fact, to celebrate the opening, we are delighted to say that we have one of the world’s most famous specialty roasters as our first guest, Square Mile out of London.

So, see you on Leeson Street . . .


Team at Joe’s


Leeson Street Joe's Specialty Coffee photo 3.jpg
Leeson Street Joe's Specialty Coffee photo 1.jpg


We are delighted to announce that our Dublin 2 speciality coffee shop on Montague Street is now open on Sundays from 10am-4pm. Located just off Harcourt Street and close to St Stephen’s Green, it is the perfect city centre location for grabbing a speciality coffee and a pastry on a Sunday morning. You can also go for the brunch option and try one of our range of gourmet sandwiches or the salads we stock from Alchemy Juice Co. We also have the full range of Alchemy juices if you need to quench your thirst.

Speaking of brunch and lunch in Dublin, we also have new sandwiches and salads on the menu in our Montague Street shop as well as in our speciality coffee shops in Arnotts on Liffey Street and in Kildare Village Retail Outlet. These include the Joe's Caesar Salad with chicken and bacon, the Joe's Nicoise Salad with tuna, green beans and olives and the Joe Fo Feta Sandwich with aubergine and beetroot on foccaccia. Really tasty new additions to the Joe’s range.

See you Sunday.