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The good news . . .

Joe's has joined the Conscious Cup Campaign! We offer a 10 cent discount to customers who bring their own reusable cups into Joe's.

‘Globally it is estimated that 500 billion disposable cups are discarded to landfill or incineration every year. That’s one million cups a minute, every hour of every day of every year. These cups are virtually impossible to recycle due to the combination of plastic and paper in their design, and in Ireland we estimate that we dispose of over 22,000 of these non-recyclable cups every hour. ‘

Let’s all do our bit . . .

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Dublin coffee shops, Food Dublin, Specialty coffee


Our latest guest roaster is Drop Coffee out of Stockholm. We have had their beans before a couple of times and they are always superb.
We have:
Carmelita (competition lot) - Bolivia
Hunkute - Ethiopia
El Sunzita (washed) - El Salvador
El Sunzita (natural) - El Salvador
Kamwnagi - Kenya
More on Drop here:


Dublin coffee shops, Specialty coffee


We are delighted to welcome back La Cabra as our new guest roaster. Their specialty coffee beans are always so popular with our customers as, of course, is their packaging. We have their full range in stores at the moment.

Find out more here: 

And also watch this:

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We are thrilled to announce that our latest guest roaster is the legendary Square Mile out of London. Recognised as one of the best speciality coffee roasters in the world, their beans really are the best and are always so popular with our customers. They are available in our speciality coffee shops in Dublin city centre on Montague Street and in Arnotts on Liffey Street in Dublin 1 as well as in our new coffee shop on Leeson Street just off Stephen’s Green.

We have three espressos and five filters in from Square Mile, including:

Red Brick (espresso; Costa Rica and Guatemala): MILK CHOCOLATE/COLA/CITRUS.

“As the crops change, so do the components of our Red Brick, highlighting harvest cycles and celebrating the seasonality of coffee. We've combined the great fruit qualities from each component and allowed the sweetness to shine. Our current seasonal blend is composed of two different lots of coffee from two different origins. It is 50% Santa Anita (Costa Rica) / 50% Huehuetenango (Guatemala).”:

El Vendabal (espresso; Costa Rica): YELLOW PLUM/HAZELNUT/CRÈME BRÛLÉE

“We're happy to welcome the El Vendabal back into our coffee line up, with this year's lot roasted for use with espresso machines and Moka pots. The coffee shows clean crisp acidity, like a ripe yellow plum, nutty notes of hazelnut and the rich goodness of crème brûlée!”

Bosques (filter; Guatemala): ORANGE/ TREACLE/ PRALINE

Another fruity coffee from our seasonal regular Bosques de San Francisco. Hailing from the Antigua region of Guatemala this lot shows a sweet, heavy, treacly body, accompanied by fresh oranges and nutty chocolate praline flavours. This will be a real crowd pleaser we're sure!

We also have the Guaracho espresso and the Ngarariga AB, Sumava Lourdes, Kayon Mountain and Juanachute filters.

If you like coffee, you will love these.


Team at Joe’s

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