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Keep up with the Joe's Keep Cup

They’re here! The Joe’s reusable cups have arrived in all our specialty coffee shops in Dublin and are on sale now. And we think they look pretty cool. They are also another step on the road towards full sustainability: glass bottles, cutlery, reducing plastic, etc etc. It’s a gradual process but we’re getting there!

You’ll find the Joe’s branded ‘keep cups’ in Joe’s specialty coffee shops in Arnotts on Liffey Street in Dublin 1 and on Leeson Street and on Montague Street in Dublin 2.

And there’s more:

  • Our branded cups are good value and cheaper than a standard keep cup. They are made from the same reinforced glass.

  • Our branded cups have a removable rubber sleeve (unlike the cork sleeve keep cup) so the glass can go in the dishwasher. Note: the rubber lid and rubber sleeve should be washed by hand in tepid water.

  • Our branded cups are 100% Irish. Keep it local.

And you still get your discount, as part of the Conscious Cup campaign, in all Joe’s when using a keep cup, the Joe’s ones or otherwise.

And note that our ‘little sisters’ Alchemy Juice Co and Itsa Cafes also now have their own branded keep cups.


Team at Joe’s

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Hot, tasty and healthy! As you know we have some new really tasty banh mi baguettes in our Montague Street specialty coffee shop, just off Harcourt Street in Dublin 2. There’s a chicken one and a vegan one. Really gorgeous and the perfect lunch!!!

However, we now also have a range of new HOT POTS developed by Domini Kemp and her chefs in our specialty coffee shop in Arnotts ( at its Liffey Street entrance in Dublin 2. These are served with rice or cauliflower rice and we have four different ones:

  • Chicken & Leek Casserole

  • Beef & Guinness Stew

  • Vegan Paleo Stew and

  • Chorizo & Chickpea!

All super-tasty hot dishes!

They are perfect in this weather when you need lunch or a welcome refuelling while Christmas shopping in Dublin city centre.


Team at Joe’s

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We are delighted to have specialty coffee beans from La Cabra out of Denmark back in our coffee shops in Dublin. We have built up a great relationship with the guys from La Cabra over the years and their coffees are always so popular with our customers.

You’ll find the beans in our Arnotts shop on Liffey Street in Dublin 1 and in our shop on Montague Street in Dublin 2. They should also be in our new flagship coffee shop in Harvey Nichols in the Dundrum Town Centre over next few days as well as in our Leeson Street cafe.

We have got all four of La Cabra’s current range of fantastic coffee beans . . . all by different processing methods.

Shembati (Burundi): washed. “A tart and lively red-fruit jam for the cold months ahead.”

La Roca (Costa Rica): red honey processed. “Structured and subtle orange blossom tea.”

Altos (Costa Rica): natural. African acidity in a complex interpretation of terroir in Costa Rica The Farm.”

Jalisco (Colombia): lactic fermentation. Plum and chocolate-flavoured body with a sweet vanilla finish.”

We’ll also run the Shembati as our guest espresso from next week.

These beans are also all ‘omni’ roasts, meaning they’re good for espresso and filter too. Check out the supercool website here for more on La Cabra’s methods and philosophy.


Team at Joe’s