We are delighted to have the full range of beans from new guest roaster Koppi in our specialty coffee shops in Dublin city centre. After just having Assembly Roasters and then Square Mile, both out of London, we’ve been a bit spoilt for choice. So, to be able to have Koppi as our new guest roaster is just brilliant. We’re thrilled and hope you will be too as they’ve always been a popular guest here in Joe’s.

We were going to tell you all about the Koppi philosophy but then we decided it might be best to let them do it themselves.

“Great coffee doesn't become great by chance and at Koppu in Helsingborg (Sweden) Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand do everything to bring out the best in each bean. This video shows how they work and what drives them to follow the coffee all the way from the soil where it’s been growing to the brewed cup. Coffee that has been treated with care and respect from the beginning to the end that is what Koppi stands for:https://vimeo.com/125221485 ”

And for espresso lovers, we also have their legendary Silent Shout, a sweet and floral espresso with a creamy mouthfeel.

Find out more about all Koppi coffees here: https://www.koppi.se/shop


Team at Joe’s


Koppi November 2017 photo 3.jpg