It’s that time of year again: it’s getting warmer and we’re seeing more of that fine Irish sun. Even if it comes and goes! It also means it’s time to roll out some of our speciality iced coffees . . . and this year we have some really special brews to share with you

First we have a cold-brewed filter coffee which is a 24 hour cold infusion. We use a Tanzanian Majinja filter coffee for that. We also have a cold brew cascara and hibiscus infusion, similar to the normal cold brew; it is also a 24-hour cold infusion made from the coffee cherries. These are both served in bottles and you’ll find them stored in our fridges.

This year we’ve also gone a little bit further and are offering five new speciality iced coffees at the bar. They are:
Affogato: two scoops of vanilla ice cream with an espresso on top

Shakerato: espresso and sugar shaken with plenty of ice and strained into a martini-like glass

Lavender Honey Iced Latte: a cold latte with plenty of ice and sweetened with lavender-infused honey

Vietnamese Latte: espresso and condensed milk shaken with ice (sweet and rich)

Iced Cascara Sling: the hibiscus cascara infusion with some lime juice/zest and sugar syrup served in tall glass on plenty of ice.

We hope you love them.