Born in The Barn

We have some gorgeous new beans in from The Barn Berlin. They are in our Dublin speciality coffee shops in Arnotts on Liffey Street in Dublin 1 and in our cafe on Montague Street in Dublin 2 near Stephen’s Green.

We have:

La Bandera: a honey-processed Costa Rican which is now our house espresso. Tasting: Macadamia nut. White honey. Smooth.

“The cup has a wonderful texture with a creamy mouth-feel. Tastes of macadamia nut and white honey. The sweetness is supported by a pleasant red apple acidity. La Bandera is located in the Tarrazu Valley where one can find some of the finest coffees of the country. The climate and the volcanic soil offer perfect growing conditions. An elevation of between 1,850-1,950 metres gives the cup its uniqueness.”

Santa Rosa 1900: This Costa Rican filter is new to the Barn, but the farm it’s from always produces such gorgeous coffee. Tasting: Plum. Caramel. Rich.

“Santa Rosa 1900 is a showcase for the superior processing methods in Costa Rica. The Catuai varietal has a great taste profile matching the rich, volcanic soil of this farm. It also has high yield and strong disease resistence. The farm´s micro-climate and the shade tree plantation lead to slow maturing. The result is great sweetness and cup-complexity of this coffee. This cup has flavours of plum and caramel. It has a rich mouth-feel and fantastic sweetness. The acidity gives this coffee a great texture and a long-lasting aftertaste.

El Durazno: This Guatemalan filter is one of the Barn’s standout coffees. Tasting: White Grape. Peach. Soft.

“Misael Rodriguez is a traditional coffee grower in the region of Huehuetenango. He utilizes simple and common techniques both in his coffee plantation and in the processing. It is through his dedication and passion that he obtains such a high quality. The result is a fine intense acidity, a full body and delightful wine notes present in the cup. Flavours of white grapes and fruity peaches combined with its clean finish make this coffee enjoyable all day long.”

Nano Challa: This Ethiopian filter is another coffee that has been tasting truly beautiful in previous seasons. Tasting: Nectarine. Jasmine. Luscious.

“Nano Challa is one of our best Ethiopian coffees year after year. Located in the Gera District of Western Oromia where large tracts of pristine forests remain and coffee trees grow wild. This coffee is extremely clean, sweet and balanced. Rich flavours of nectarine, vanilla and jasmine hit your taste buds right away. Almost perfumey like an aphrodisiac you won´t be able to keep your hands off this coffee. Nano Challa has been supported by TechnoServed, backed by the Gates Foundation. This NGO helps with advice, education and financing to build washing stations. By producing higher quality –  washed – coffees Nano Challa was able to access the international specialty coffee market. Their coffees are absolutely stunning and represent the full potential of what the region’s indigenous beans could taste like.”

All superb and worth tasting!